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What is the best link blasting plugin?

by Dave Curtis on June 16, 2013

By First Ave Village Farm & Grocery, 113 1st Avenue New York, NY 10003 in the East Village - Spam on the wall

By First Ave Village Farm & Grocery, 113 1st Avenue New York, NY 10003 in the East Village – Spam on the wall

Sharing Links vs Blasting Links

Someone in a group I’m in on LinkedIn asked today “What is the best link blasting plugin?”

The consensus is that unless we’re really not understanding what a “link blasting plugin” is… blasting links isn’t something that any SEO’er at any level (be it white hat, gray hat or black hat) would ever recommend using. Links need to be built with some care, or they absolutely risk dragging site rank down. Id’ go further than that though to say that they will also get your site a penalty (which then has to be manually corrected, and the Disavow Links Tool used alone isn’t an effective means for recovering from a manual Google penalty or an algorithmic hit)

WordPress Social Media Link Sharing Plugins

For link sharing I’d have to go with Shareaholic / Sexy Bookmarks, then on the configuration page settings add in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, maybe Gmail and whatever else is most appropriate and most popularly used by the people most influential in that niche (see how they have their Shareaholic / Sexy Bookmarks configured and follow their lead if you’re not sure about which ones to add).

Giving readers an easy option for sharing a link (or a link to a comment, such as LinkedIn offers when making a comment [there’s a little check box near the “Add Comment” button to also post to Twitter” for instance] in social media) is always a good idea. (if you can read and understand that sentence, congratulations, it’s got 2 nested parenthetical phrases built in :) just for people who enjoy reading things like legal contracts, IRS forms and Federal Government Bill Proposals.)

Using an easy social media sharing plugin you will get more page and post shares to Facebook, Twitter and other feeds. I share in this way constantly via PC, tablet and phone, and love it – the plugin adds the title and a shortened link to the posting member’s social media feed – and makes it easy to add a few words before posting for added clarification, personal endorsement, or opinions. So definitely use a WP plugin like Shareaholic and configure Sexy Bookmarks.

The serious warning about either automated, indiscriminate or anonymous “link blasting” of any kind is that no sane self respecting, real SEO (black, gray or white) would ever stoop to recommending to anyone that they use back link blog comment spamming software, article market re-writing & multi article site submitting software, link wheel partnership auto-blasting, or any other bogus, annoying, intrusive nonsense that will most definitely get you into trouble.

1st Ave, East Village Manhattan, ATM machine

1st Ave, East Village Manhattan, ATM machine – Spammed to death with links and graffiti

Link Blasting and Google Bombing – Are They Related?

The first Google bomb was unleashed in 1999, which caused the Microsoft home page to rank first for the key words “more evil than Satan himself.” Another famous Google bomb in 2004 produced a biography page of George W. Bush as number one for the keywords “miserable failure.” ~The Free Dictionary

The only people using the blog auto spamming software are shady scam artists who are either selling the garbage link building software to the unsuspecting noobs, the scamming con artists who are taking money from unsuspecting site owners to “get them thousands of backlinks” (that’s going to hurt the site being targeted with the incoming links almost always for sure), and possibly unscrupulous black hatters trying to purposely bombard competitor sites with bad neighborhood spam-site backlinks e.g. “For just $1000 I can bombard your competitors sites with hundreds of thousands of links from Viagra and Cialis sites, all with variations on the keyword name revolving around ‘buy cheap drugs online’. So I say a site will be penalized almost always for sure because certain sites won’t be penalized if they’re big enough and have confirmed known targets for spammy links created by opponents, whether industry or political. Link Bombing/Google Bombing is also a term for a similar kind of linking technique which has almost the same effect. A campaign that causes a particular Web page to rank first in the Google results list based on specific keywords.

Brute force link builder/blaster and e-mail spamming software exists to force a site or a page to rank for specific keywords and phrases, but since most WordPress blog administrators today should be using Akismet accounts set up to mark, record and block spammers automatically (once they’ve been marked spam enough times they get added to the list), and thanks to using captcha plugins, the totally annoying effect of getting dozens of spam comments to manually delete doesn’t have to be dealt with any more and is largely a thing of the past.

As I’m fairly certain that the questioner asking “What is the best link blasting plugin?” was only using the word “blasting” in place of “sharing” in the same way someone would use “hit the enter key” instead of “press the enter key”, my answer focuses first on using and enjoying the Shareaholic / Sexy Bookmarks plugin with full confidence.

What link sharing plugins do you have experience with and can recommend?

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